Funding and Related Opportunities



Hasbro Community Action Hero (DEADLINE IS QUICK: FEBRUARY 25TH)

Opal Makes a Difference (DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 28TH)


Kids to Park National School Contest (DEADLINE: February 28th)

 Spring 2014 Jamba Juice “It’s All About the Fruit and Veggies” Garden Grant (DEADLINE: March 10th)

NYC generationOn Clubs in New York City Grant (DEADLINE: MARCH 5TH)

GROW to Learn Mini-Grant (DEADLINE: MARCH 5TH)

Radio Disney Hero for Change Award (DEADLINE: MARCH 16TH)

Up2Us Sports Matter Matching Grants 

Google Ad Grants

World Food Prize

Captain Planet Foundation EcoTech Grant (very cool, this one)

World Leadership Hunger Challeng

ING Run For Something Better® School Awards Program

Cycle Kids Grant

USDA 2015 Farm to School Grants


Kohl’s Care Scholarship Program

ANNPower Fellowships

Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Seeking Teachers for Project Localize

The Lexicon of Sustainability is seeking exemplary high school teachers to participate in a revolutionary new school program to promote environmental and food literacy through Project Localize. The program integrates learning with creativity and promotes community outreach. The goal is that future generations can teach America how to improve our food system, one town at a time. The Lexicon of Sustainability is based on a simple premise: people will live more sustainable lives if they are taught the basic terms and principles that define sustainability. Project Localize teaches students to create and share art that documents sustainable agriculture methods. The art is promoted in Pop Up Shows organized by students for the community. Selected teachers will collaborate on Project Localize and receive financial and mentoring support from the Lexicon of Sustainability. Nominate a teacher today!

Real Food Challenge Fellowship

The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching



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