Let’s Get Every Kid

Service in Schools: goLEAD Institute

Agriculture Literacy Academy

Announcing New High School Diploma Seal of Recognition for Service
Service in Schools is excited to announce the NYCDOE has partnered with NYC Service to offer a new, locally-approved NYCDOE seal of recognition of youth service to support students’ college and career readiness in the 2014-2015 school year. In order to receive the seal, students must successfully complete the requirements for a high school diploma or commencement credential and must meet a minimum of 100 hours of independent service, related service-learning, and/or a school-led service program over the course of their high school years. For further guidance on the new diploma seal, please refer to the Seal of Recognition for Service here. For questions, email ServiceinSchools@schools.nyc.gov.

Queens Green Teens
The Queens Green Teen Program is a New York City Parks & Recreation anti-litter initiative to engage young people in becoming stewards of their parklands and recreation centers. The program enrolls Recreation Center youth members, teen volunteers and Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) participants. Through the program, teens learn how they can make a “green” positive impact in their local neighborhood parks and recreation centers by removing litter, collecting recyclables, providing tree care, planting, attending sustainability workshops and most importantly encouraging the public not to litter. Volunteers must be between the ages of 13-17, and can earn community service hours if required for graduation. For more information and to apply, email Green.Teens@parks.nyc.gov or call Green Teen Borough Coordinator, Marie Vulcain, at 718-393-7370.

Earth Matter Youth Internship Program

International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit

Farming Concrete Workshops

Citizens Committee is partnering with D Rooney and Sheryll Durrant, fellows at the Design Trust for Public Space, who will be leading a series of workshops on the Farming Concrete (aka Five Borough Farm) Toolkit for measuring the good things happening in your garden.

Want to know how many pounds of food scraps are going into your compost instead of the landfill? Want to measure the impact of your garden on gardeners’ and visitors’ moods? The toolkit is full of protocols to help your garden set (and achieve) goals, communicate with funders and policy makers (ahem HPD), and help make the case for more community gardens, school gardens, and urban farms. There’s also a handy free website online where you can store the data (the Barn), which lets you download your raw data as a spreadsheet or a summary report as a PDF anytime you want.

Monday, March 23. 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. RSVP with this form or to Sabine at sbernards@citizensnyc.org / 212-822-9578.

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