Imminent deadlines only noted…

Tom’s of Maine 50 States of Good (DEADLINE: August 26)

William T. Grant Foundation Youth Improvement Grant (DEADLINE: September 9)

Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation: Environmental Curricula Grants (DEADLINE: September 13)

JRM Construction Community Impact Grants (DEADLINE: September 14)

Local Foods, Local Places 2015-2016 Application (DEADLINE: September 15)

National Agriculture in the Classroom Classroom Grants (DEADLINE: September 15)

NEA Creative Placemaking Grants (DEADLINE: September 21. I am imagining substantial school/community gardens in partnership with arts organizations to create an amazing arts-centered gardening space…just thinking aloud here!)

Siemens Competition (DEADLINE: September 22)

Project Learning Tree Grants (DEADLINE: September 30)

Green Thumb Challenge Grant (DEADLINE: September 30)

Thank America’s Teacher Grant Program (DEADLINE: September 30)

Various NSTA Science Teaching Awards

Ben and Jerry’s Foundation: Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Program

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