2015 Kid-Powered Fun Contest (DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 17)

Captain Planet Grants (DEADLINE: September 30)

Green Education Foundation Green Thumb Challenge Grants (DEADLINE: September 30)

City Parks Foundation Capacity Fund Grants (DEADLINE: October 1)

Jamba Juice It’s All about the Fruit and Veggies Garden Grant (DEADLINE: October 2)

NY State Pollution Prevention Institute Community Grants Program (DEADLINE: October 7)

NEEF Greening STEM for Educators Grant Request for Proposals (DEADLINE: October 8)

NY Agriculture in the Classroom 2016 Teacher of the Year Award (DEADLINE: October 13)

NCTM Teacher Professional Development Grants (Grades 6-8) (DEADLINE: October 15)

NEA Learning and Leadership Grants (DEADLINE: October 15)

NEA Student Achievement Grant (DEADLINE: October 15)

The Lorie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program (DEADLINE: October 15)

Earth Science Week Photography Contest (DEADLINE: October 16)

Nature Works Everywhere Garden Grant  (DEADLINE: October 28)

Whole Foods Garden Grants

Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant

2015 It’s My Park Awards Nomination Form

2016 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Singing for Change Grants

Global Teacher Prize

American Immigration Council Community Grants

2016 Service Learning-Learning Practitioner Leadership Award

2016 G. Bernard Gill Service-Learning Award

White-Reinhardt Mini Grants (DEADLINE: October 15 – this is more for upstate NY schools, but I know there are folks on the list outside of NYC)

American Horticultural Society: 2016 Great American Gardeners Awards

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