Grants, awards, contests, etc.

Climate Adaptation Leadership Award

Problem-Solving Grant (teacher/student teams)

National Creative Placemaking Fund (I see many ways this could work with school/community gardens…awesome opportunity)

World of Children 2016 Awards (again, many of you have made an incredible impact on young people in areas of education and health…go for it!)

Motorola Solutions Foundation (STEM focused)

Environmental Champion Awards

Lead to Feed Challenge

Baseball Tomorrow Fund

Miracle Gro 2016 GRO1000 Grassroots Grants

Active Learning Center Grant

Saucony Run for Good Grants

Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

Bank of America Charitable Foundation (focus on youth workforce development, also good for some of you who are helping students learn about agricultural careers)

Open Meadows Foundation (focus on girls and women)

Active Design in Schools Grant

Brooklyn Borough President 2017 Capital Grant Application (GO FOR THIS…big focus on STEAM in 2017)

Manhattan Borough President 2017 Capital Funding ( Gale Brewer has committed $1 million for urban agriculture programs in public schools. This funding is open to public schools in Manhattan that wish to invest in hydroponics, aquaponics, or other agricultural/farming programs. Be sure to complete Section III, labelled “Urban Agriculture Program Applicants)

Brooklyn Youth Voice Awards

Action for Healthy Kids (Jan. 22 deadline)

President’s Environmental Youth Award

Environmental Literacy Grants Program

Kosmos 2016 Seed Grants

New York Section AWWA High School Student Scholarships

Young Scientist Challenge

Fiskars Project Orange Thumb Grants

Good Sports Athletic Equipment Grants

Karma for Care Microgrants

Lemelson InvenTeams



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