21 September, 2016 19:52

Hello School Gardens! I am the Associate Director of Environmental Education for the Learning Gardens program at City Parks Foundation. We are recruiting for our school year and are looking for new MIDDLE SCHOOL partners in BUSHWICK and BROWNSVILLE neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Short blurb about the program:

Learning Gardens aims to foster a love of science and an enduring understanding of the importance of urban gardens among young people. From gardening to advocacy, we help nurture a new generation of community leaders through increased awareness of food justice and urban stewardship. Over the course of 14 sessions, students learn about garden ecology through hands-on learning. Students visit the garden near their school for three fall visits learning about living things, their needs, and adaptations. During the winter months, eight indoor classroom lessons focus on soil, decomposers, plant parts, pollination, and seed dispersal. In the spring, students come back out to the garden to end the program with the water cycle, preparing fresh salsa using garden vegetables, and more planting. We address the Next Generation Science Standards and Scope and Sequence with a focus on interdependent relationships in ecosystems and the scientific process, including half of the content seen on the 4th grade Science Test. By transforming community gardens and classrooms into learning laboratories centered around urban ecology, students and teachers will walk away with a fully immersive and interactive learning experience.

The Learning Gardens Program encompasses…

  • Increased science instruction for students in the classroom and garden (14 lessons/school year)

  • Ongoing planning with teachers (pre-residency followed by monthly planning sessions)

  • Professional Development for teachers (two full-day sessions, fall/spring)

  • Program Evaluation and Student Assessment

  • Valuable classroom materials for teachers designed to support supplemental lessons

Please note: this is a fee-for-service program, but we are always willing to negotiate.

Contact me at: MHara if you have any questions or want more information. Programming starts in October, so the sooner the better! My apologies for not posting this sooner!

All the best,

Manna Hara | Associate Director of Environmental Education, Learning Gardens
City Parks Foundation | 1234 Fifth Avenue Room 219 New York, NY 10029
p. mhara


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