Boulders needed

As you know, our garden is being moved!  The Good News: because The Clinton Garden has become a core educational space at our school, the School Construction Authority has arranged for the garden to be moved while construction takes place around the building and scaffolding is erected over the garden.  Gratefully, this will result in establishing the footprint for the new James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center for which planning is currently under way.  The Not So Good News is that presently the SCA plan calls for the installation of another fence and/or safety barrels as the barrier between the parking lot and the newly relocated garden aka “swing space.” The design team from Marpillero Pollak Architects have proposed a barrier consisting of sixteen to twenty-five 2 1/2′- 5′ diameter security boulders that will be distinctive, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, along with a proposed 4’wide 2′ deep trench filled with gravel, will prevent storm water run-off from the parking lot from flooding the garden.  My question to you and all who I’ve included in this email, do you know how we might source these safety boulders?  Any leads or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Happy fall abundance,

Ray Pultinas
Sustainability Coordinator,
DeWitt Clinton High School

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