I have to clean out my home office…and while I would love to keep the school garden book collection I have amassed over the years, I cannot.

AND…I have four EarthBoxes, too.

I want to DONATE these items but do have some parameters  (sorry…apologizing ahead of time for being pompous):

1) I would like to donate to a school with an active school garden in which a few teachers and parents are involved…and will be sure that the books are used.
2) OR, I can donate them to a garden-focused non-profit that ensures teachers, parents, volunteers can either access them or that staff are using them to support school gardens.
3) Sorry…if you are a consultant working with schools, I cannot donate them to you, but you can purchase them. I will use the funds to donate to a school garden.
4) I would like the books to be donated as one lot. Earth Boxes can be claimed without the books, but I would like to donate all four as a one set.

I live in Brooklyn…so you would need to come to me…(sorry)

Let me know: MICHELE (

Here is the list of books:

  • The Growing Classroom: Garden-Based Science by Roberta Jaffe, Garry Appel
  • Nourishing Choices: Implementing Food Education in Classrooms
  • Nature with Children of All Ages by Edith A. Sisson
  • Project Learning Tree: Pre-K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide
  • Flowering Plant Families of the World by V.H. Heywood, R.K. Brummit, A. Culham, O. Seberg (a simply gorgeous hardcover book…incredible)
  • Life Lab Science Program: Life Around Us: Grade 2
  • Life Lab Science, Change Around Us, Grade 2 Teacher’s Book
  • All About Farmers’ Markets: A Teaching Guide for Classrooms, Camps, and Community Programs by Peggy Sissel-Phelan, Ed. D.
  • Growing Food (Teachers College, Columbia University)
  • All About Bulbs
  • Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8
  • Grow Lab: A Complete Guide to Gardening in the Classroom, National Gardening Association
  • Junior Master Gardener: Healthy and Nutrition from the Garden
  • Gardening with Children, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Digging Deeper: Integrating Youth Gardens into Schools and Communities by Joseph Kiefer and Martin Kemple
  • Grow Lab: Activities for Growing Minds, National Gardening Association
  • Gardens for Leaning: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden, California School and Garden Network
  • How Do You Measure and Elephant: Science Activities for Families (Animal focus, but very neat and certainly environment related), Wildlife Conservation Society

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