EVENT: Sustainability Careers

Might be of interest. Michele
Work Defending the Future: Sustainability Careers in The Trump Times
How to Get a Purpose-Driven Job in Business, NGOs, or Government

Webinars: Thursday December 1st, 7 PM Eastern
and Thursday, December 8th, Noon Eastern

Dr. Eban Goodstein <http://www.bard.edu/cep/about/faculty/&gt; , Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College, will outline career strategies for both soon-to-be and recent college graduates, and for professionals looking to make a move. Goodstein will provide participants with a concrete job-search strategy, discuss what Trump’s election means for careers in social and environmental sustainability, and also field questions.

December 1, 7 PM Eastern
Log-in:  bluejeans.com/644334550 <http://bluejeans.com/644334550&gt;
Dial-on Only: 1.888.240.2560  Code: 644334550

December 8, Noon Eastern
Log-in:  bluejeans.com/118656784 <https://bluejeans.com/118656784&gt;
Dial-on Only: 1.888.240.2560  Code: 118656784 <https://bluejeans.com/118656784&gt;

A version of the webinar for undergraduates can be viewed here <https://bluejeans.com/s/e9xit/&gt; . <https://bluejeans.com/s/8Guyo/&gt;

Bard College offers  career-focused graduate degree programs in sustainability: MS Degrees in Environmental Policy and Climate Policy <http://www.bard.edu/cep&gt; , and a unique, low-residency MBA in Sustainability <http://www.bard.edu/mba>  based in New York City.  Both programs emphasize experience-based education, supporting students to turn their calling into a career.

Eban Goodstein
Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy &
Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability

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