Events & Opportunities


Just Food Conference (there is an entire youth-driven programming track this year; youth scholarships also available)

LES e-Waste events

Every Kid Healthy Week

Moving and Grooving: Improving Your School’s Staff Wellness

2017 Great American Cleanup

National Food Policy Conference



Submissions to online journal

Real World Dialogue started in 2006. It started out as an experimental, on-line journal project where educators and students could dialogue about topics related to community, diversity and equity. In the last few years,  this space has expanded to include the topics of spirit consciousness, human evolution and agency. In sum, it has over time become more integrated, bringing together many fields. The big idea is the creation of a free ‘press’ that documents shared critical-mindful inquiry into the nature and purpose of education and the role of a teacher in our human evolution towards building a more egalitarian society– Conscientious Engagement (CE).

Sharing and journaling our experience validates a collective spirit consciousness. It communicates to the world that we are part of something greater than ourselves, that it is our intrinsic nature to value all life and human beings equally, that we are born with a sense of shared-responsibility, that our work in education must activate the three domains of the human experience which include the mind, body and spirit– and in doing so, we give rise to a new education where we can build and realize our vision for an egalitarian society.

Open for submissions starting March 3, 2017. If you are interested in submitting an article or a transcript of a dialogue to Real World Dialogue, please visit our Submission Page <; fill out the form and you will be contacted with how and where to upload your materials. We are currently looking for submissions about the following topics:

community building
human evolution
agency and advocacy

Alternatively, if you have a problem of practice in education related to one of these topics and want advice, visit out Just Ask <; page, and then fill out a Contact <; form.

Raquel Ríos, PhD <;


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