This request came to me today…and it’s INCREDIBLE.

My name is Fred Wolf and I run an ecologically aligned planning, design, and education firm and am seeking a school to partner with.

I’d like to add a request for partnership to your blog, but don’t know how to send you a document.

I’m looking for a school that has an underutilized yard space and would like to establish a large native plant garden to their space.

I have a document that explains this request.  How could I send it to you?

I cannot attach a .pdf to this email.

Let me know how I could do this in the hopes you could blast it out to your followers.




About NYC Garden Network

Seasoned writer with education as primary area of interest. Expansive portfolio of materials, from instructional guides to articles. Active independent contractor taking on new challenging projects regularly. Committed to school gardening and related environmental issues.
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