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I am seeking examples of some basic “how to start a youth gardening / farming project” community “Toolkit” for a group in South Africa looking to establish community-based teaching gardens for vulnerable (HIV/AIDs) impacted youth. They are hoping to work with schools and rural communities to integrate a holistic approach to engage youth on the health aspects of eating fresh vegetables, education around farming/growing food, provide employment, promote entrepreneurial business opportunities, and add value to a growing agri-tourism industry (using the gardens to attract visitors on hikes through the scenic hills in rural areas). The group is a health-based organization that has limited experience planning or implementing gardens and is seeking a list of resources or “how-to-manuals.” I have some good examples I’ll be sharing with them already, but they are interested in being “inundated with resources to review and research” so I was hoping to get more materials and suggestions for resource guides or toolkits from this wealth of all you community food system folks.
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. Happy to compile and re-share what you all send!
Best, Jennifer

Jennifer Hashley, Director
New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

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