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Are you interested in the sustainability of territories and food systems? Are you interested in food businesses and food marketing? Do you want a career in sustainable food business? Are you still looking for a study abroad program for this fall?  Are you focusing your research on local food systems, urban farming or last food mile? If so, you still have a chance to apply to our Fall 2017 FOOD SYSTEMS AND SUSTAINABILITY Program in Italy.

The program is unique. It takes place in Rome but also give program participants the opportunity to travel with us from the north to the south of Italy to learn about the types and methods of agricultural production and learn about different food industries. In total, three weeks in the program will be dedicated to traveling!

Do you want to work in wine or olive oil sector, or within a specific food industry, learn about artisanal food production and  the Italian food culture? Then our Fall Internship program is the perfect match for you! You will have a dedicated tutor who will support you during your working and research experience in the field. If interested, you can also have the option of doing an internship during the Fall 2017 FOOD SYSTEMS AND SUSTAINABILITY Program in Italy.

Both the programs are open to students or participants who have already graduated or are currently attending graduate school.

Watch a short video <https://youtu.be/U78zDx2x-B4&gt;  about the fall program, about our internship <http://www.gustolab.com/open-internships/&gt;  program or visit our website <http://www.gustolab.com/fall-program-sustainable-food/&gt;  to learn more!

We’re offering a $5,000 scholarship for students who apply by July 19, 2017! To request applications, write to info@gustolab.com.

Assistant to the Director


130, via Giulia
Rome, Italy 00186
Office phone +39 06 83087975 / +39 06 68804073
Fax +39 06 92912046

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