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Blake-Nuttall Fund Grants (bird-related)

The Roddenberry Foundation Fellowship

Kids in Need Teacher Supply Boxes

Pentair Foundation

Recycle Bowl Competition

MAXIMUS Foundation Grants

PLT Greenworks Grants

New Balance Foundation

Captain Planet Foundation ecoSOLUTION Grants

JRM Community Impact Grant Program

William T. Grant Foundation Youth Service Improvement Grants

NoVo Foundation

Partnerships for Parks Capacity Fund Grants

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Parks Equity Initiative
We are pleased to inform you that the New York City Council has made additional funds available in every council district to support the Parks Equity Initiative (PEI) in Fiscal Year 2018.  The PEI is a City Council-funded effort to help build a more equitable park system, providing Council Members with discretionary funding that they can allocate to enhance the maintenance and beautification of parks and gardens in their districts, to activate green spaces with vibrant programming or to support increased community engagement through volunteer projects and community-led activities.

GreenThumb has created a menu of options that are eligible for funding through PEI.  Council Members have the option of funding gardens through the provision of various materials and equipment, including soil, lumber, plants, tools, picnic tables, rainwater harvesting systems, picnic tables, sheds, and greenhouses.  If you would like to seek funding for your garden through this initiative, we recommend reaching out to your local Council Member today to request support.  Council Members are expected to begin making allocation decisions in August, so call now!


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