Brooklyn Schools: This is for you!

My friend and colleague Nina Browne posted the following message. I want to push it. As one of the graduates of the first BUG cohort, my group’s project was supporting a school garden. It was an incredible experience…but more important, super helpful to the school.
Folks, this is pro bono assistance from a group of experienced gardeners now further trained. You’d be a little loopy not to accept.Take it from me – A TRUE BUG – that it will make your school garden that much more amazing.
“The BUG team was a HUGE help. I can’t say enough how much your research, volunteer assistance, wisdom, and institutional resources helped us get our project off the ground.”
Could your Brooklyn school garden project use some BUGs this fall?
Each fall, Brooklyn Botanic Garden connects a school gardening project with a team of Brooklyn Urban Gardener (BUG) trainees. BUGs can help you… and, your greening project could help train a new class of BUG volunteers.
Click here to fill out an online request for BUG partnership.
What can your school gardening project expect from this free collaboration?
Between September and January, BUG students work with your project’s leaders to:
1. Craft a “Community Asset Map” with school group input
2. Conduct a soil test, interpret and present the results to school group
3. Develop and present a customized watering and water conservation strategy
4. Teach at least one workshop — on a topic to be decided collaboratively —
with/for school group members and/or the public.
5. Organize/lead at least one greening event/activity/workday.
The deadline to apply for this opportunity is August 4, 2017.
For more information, please contact Nina Browne, BBG Community Program Manager, at or (718) 623-7209.
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2 Responses to Brooklyn Schools: This is for you!

  1. sansley says:

    I second this recommendation — My school (PS8 in Brooklyn) was lucky enough to get a BUG group to get our garden project off the ground 5 years ago, and it was amazing. I don’t know if we would have really gotten going without them.

  2. NYC Garden Network says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS…I told you all…it is a great opportunity!

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