Need your help

HI all…a bit off topic again…but I told you that Brooklyn College Academy is up for a major grant -100K for its new Mindfulness Center. Daily voting ends on October 30th. Sadly, we are in 11th place…only five win (most votes).

I never ask for help..but need it now. Please vote (and if you can do that daily, hurray!): Brooklyn College Academy, teacher Linda Noble:

Please spread the word. If you have major networks you are in, please get the word out. We need a miracle at this point.

The Mindfulness Center is a unique program…we will be training all teachers in mindfulness practices, students will be trained to become mindfulness practitioners (to lead peers) and we will try to research the impact.

We had a great opportunity this week to have the First Lady visit:

Initiative creates ‘mindfulness rooms’ for NYC Schools
And here are a few more links:
NYC First Lady Twitter
NYC DOE Commissioner Bassett Twitter
Brooklyn School Turns Abandoned Home Ec Classroom into Meditation Space
Brooklyn College Academy Debuts New Space Dedicated to Mindfulness
NYC Mayor’s Office (scroll down for photos)
First Lady McCray, Health Commissioner Bassett Announce the Creation of 15 New High School Wellness Spaces Designed to Promote Mental Health
Brooklyn College Academy Finalist for $100,000 Grant
Vote to Help Brooklyn CollegeAcademy Win $100,000
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